Many people hesitate to apply for a passport because they think that the application process is too difficult, but it is not complicated at all. If you want to have an easier time, you need to take time to learn about a few things before going to apply for your passport. You can use the internet if you want to locate a passport office near you. Some people consider making an online application. However, passport applications have to be submitted in person along with the fees and the verification information.


If you want to go to the United Kingdom, you need to visit HM passport offices. They are the sole providers of UK passports and the official government service to local British citizens as well as those living in other countries. This passport office was established in 2006. Since then, it has been known to provide not only accurate and secure records of vital events but also trusted passport operations.

Every year, this passport office issues more than five million passports, which is more than their target and customer expectations. The staff has out enough measures to prevent scam in the industry. For example, they offer a passport validation service (PSV) that helps business operators and government departments to avoid fraud.


The primary function of the passport offices is the issuance of passports to citizens of the United Kingdom. The office is also responsible for administering civil registration in England and Wales and offering civil registration services through the general register office. It also assists other embassies, commissions and consuls.

Principles and purposes

The central principle of the passport office in the UK is to provide accurate and secure records of important events and trusted passport services. For them to achieve their purpose, they have to put some principles to use. First, the office has to maintain its high standards of integrity and reliability across all the services that they provide. They also ensure the provision of modern and pocket-friendly services that meet the customers’ needs. Their services are also affordable, and this helps in reducing the burden on the taxpayer. Concerning operational focus, the passport office aims at creating a more efficient and connected organization that excels in its operations. Employees are the most critical assets in every organization, and the passport office is not excluded in this. The firm values the contribution made by its employees. It also initiates change to respect and support them.

UK passport office makes it easier for you to apply for, renew or replace your passports. You have first to print out a form, sign and date it and then return it to the offices together with the documents or photographs needed. The agencies in the UK passport offices aim at providing high standard services to its clients. For instance, it is committed to delivering a passport after four working days, which is a short time. In case you have applied for a passport, and it has not been processed within that time, or you have any other complaints to make, the passport office has a complaints procedure that every client should follow.