The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has played an important role in the regulation of motor vehicles across the UK and has helped maintain the records of millions of drivers and millions of vehicles.

The organization has several duties that enable them to offer services to citizens of the UK. One of the biggest duties of this organization is with regards to the licenses offered to drivers. The procedures that individuals have to go through is carried out by this institution, and the registration that follows is also a part of the records that the organization has to maintain. The records of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency also showcase the individuals who are not allowed to drive, and the reasons for their disqualification. The records also tend to show any medical conditions that drivers may be diagnosed with.

The issuance of driving licenses is without a doubt an important part of the work that the organization does and is also why these institutions have become so important for the functioning of society. In addition to issuing licenses, the organization is also responsible for issuing registration certificates to vehicle owners.

While maintaining and issuing licenses is an important part of the work that the organization does, the role of maintaining order within this sector is also something that they try to do. The organization is known for taking action against those who try to evade the law and find a workaround their tax duties. If there is any instance wherein an individual is evading vehicle tax, it falls upon the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to pull up the individual and take action against them.

Even though the DVLA plays an important role in maintaining justice, they are dependent on the local authorities and police forces to be able to enforce the laws that are in place. In addition, the organization is also known for helping police authorities in dealing with crime, by offering them whatever help they need.

Even though the fundamentals that the organization operates on remain the same since its inception, the manner in which the work is carried out has gone through a significant range of changes. Through the years, the organization has evolved and improved the manner in which they work, thereby contributing to society more. In 2017, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency commenced their Strategic Plan which was to be followed from 2017 to 2020.

This plan included a shift to a more improved database system that stored digital information more efficiently for the organization. The plan outlined provisions for the construction of new infrastructures that would help improve the range of services that they offered.

One of the problems that people often had with the organization was a complicated process concerning those who were diagnosed with medical conditions. The plan entailed an overhaul of this system and made it significantly easier for those who have been affected.

The focus of these improvements was not only on the services that they provide but directed towards their own employees as well. The organization has already begun implemented new training programs so that their staff can be more efficient and offer better services to the people coming to them.