The child tax credit is being phased out in the United Kingdom. Most people no longer qualify for it. The Child Tax Credit is being replaced by the Universal Credit in most cases. Some people, however, will still be eligible for the Child Tax Credit.

Credits That Are Now Being Offered Instead Of The Child Tax Credit

The Universal Credit is meant to help with living costs. The Universal Credit consolidates a group of tax credits. This consolidation makes it easier to apply and initial payments faster. If you are of working age and used to get money from the Child Tax Credit that money will now be coming from the Universal Credit.

Most cases will not need to reapply for their credits in order to receive the Universal Credit. The only reason that you may need to reapply is if there are changes to your current situation.

The other credit that your household may fall under instead of the child tax credit is the Pension Credit. The Pension Credit brings a retired person’s income up to a standard depending if they are single or a couple. This does not replace the Child Tax Credit, but it is an additional program that people can apply for when the Child Tax Credit program is completely removed.

The only people that can still apply for the Child Tax Credit are those that collect the severe disability premium. People receiving this premium are not currently allowed to collect the Universal Credit, and this is why new Child tax Credit cases will be permitted from this group.

People currently receiving the Child Tax Credit will do so until their case needs to be reviewed and or their children are all above the age of 16. Once the case is up for review, or new cases need to be opened; people should be applying for child-related credits through the Universal Credit program.

In the United Kingdom, the Child Tax Credit is being phased out. Most people that qualify for the Child Tax Credit will be transferred over to the Universal Credit program. All new Child Tax Credit cases with the exception of those collecting the severe disability premium will open their new claims under the Universal Credit. An alternative credit to apply for, for retired people that still have children is the Pension Credit. It is not clear as to when the Child Tax Credit will be entirely phased out of the system, just that it appears as though it will at some point. Get connected via their Child Tax Credits helpline number.