Information on Carers Allowance

There are single individuals and/ or families out there that are sacrificing their time and money and showing their respect and love for others by taking care of someone who cannot take care of themselves. This includes taking care of relatives, or friends they may live with who are possibly too elderly to care for themselves, who have a mental disability that prevents them from caring for themselves, among other issues. A department of the United Kingdom is allotted to specifically help people financially who are in charge of taking care of people in their lives. Benefits are available or those who spend 35 or more hours caring for someone, but the amount you receive does not change if you are taking care of more than one person.

How You Get Paid:

You can choose through two methods to pay the benefits: typically, applicants get paid once a month at the beginning of the month. They can, however, work with their counselor at Carer’s Allowance and get an advance which allows them to get paid once a week at the beginning of the week instead. The money goes straight into the applicant’s bank account so that it is available immediately.

What Other Benefits Can You Get:

If you qualify for the Carer’s Allowance you can automatically qualify for other benefits as well including the National Insurance credits. You may also be able to apply for and receive benefits from the Council Tax Reduction, Universal Credit if you have low to no income, Income Support if have low income, Support Alliance, and Pension Credit if you are over the working age. Carer’s Allowance offers a lot of benefits on its own and can help you qualify for many other benefits provided by the United Kingdom government.

How to Be Eligible for Carer’s Allowance:

In order to be eligible to receive these benefits, the person or persons that you care for must receive one or more of the other government benefits: Personal Independence Payment, Disability allowance, attendance allowance, armed forces independence payment, or others. You may also not earn over 120 pounds every week after taxes and expenses such as pension contributions and costs of caring for your kids or the elderly or disabled person that add up as you, the caretaker, are at work, are taken out. In order to apply, you must also meet the following requirements be 16 years old or older, spend 35 hours a week or more caring for someone, be a resident of England, Scotland or Wales for at least 3 years, not be enrolled in any form of education full time, and not subject to any immigration control issues. If you do not meet any of these requirements, there is still hope as you may be eligible for Carer’s Credit instead of Carer’s Allowance.

Can Carer’s Allowance Effect Other Benefits:

Getting a Carers Allowance can affect your benefits and/or the benefits the person you care for gets. If you get this allowance, the person you care for will stop receiving severe disability premiums, and your other benefits may be reduced but the total amount of benefits you receive can actually go up or just stay the same, it will not go down. The Carer’s Allowance helpline can help answer any questions you may have and set you up with what you need.